Articles and Links

This page will feature articles and links that (should) have appeared in other posts.

This is a fascinating article about polling from the New Republic. We will be talking about it when we do our unit on political opinion.  —

Here’s a cheeky but useful primer on the federal reserve system from the Wonkblog:

A really interesting blog post about the causes of wage inequality, especially in the U.S. that partially de-bunks the common wisdom that it’s the result of globalization;

There have been a number of posts about poverty. This article presents an interesting take on why the cycle of poverty is so tough to break:

Here’s an article we are going to want to look at in the spring when we talk about the Supreme Court and campaign finance:

A long, complicated but very interesting piece reviewing a book about national security

A short piece on the “nuclear option” and filibusters from New York Magazine

A piece on the way the sequester is pressuring GOP politicians. Provides some background about the sequester

Excellent, balanced piece from Tom Edsall on the Obamacare crisis and why it is especially worrying to liberal Democrats

A very useful article about political ideology and the potential for third parties

Another interesting Edsall piece about the failure of the liberal project that focuses on the safety net rather than job creation.


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